The Bridges Golf Club Wedding | Naomi & Brian

May 06, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

There were so many special elements about this wedding: the human, the nature, and the memory.

Our first meeting was a year (plus a few weeks) ago. After some initial emails, we set up a meeting where they instantly decided to have me as their photographer. Time flew by so quickly that on their wedding day, I felt like I just met them couple weeks ago. Also, within that time, Naomi was so kind to refer me to Brian's, her fiancé (whom now I can say her husband) sister and her friend. I felt such an honor to have their trust even before I photograph their wedding.

Fast forward to a week before the wedding, Naomi was so anxious about the weather forecast which indicated a likelihood of rain on her important day. I created a planned B for her of what they should prepare, what we should do in case of the rain, and we prayed for the best. On the wedding day, it rained so hard on our way to their houses that we were afraid even the plan B will not stand a chance. Fortunately, mother of nature had her way of doing thing. The rain stopped after we arrive at their places, leaving the most amazing sky we've ever seen. And it completely changed the photographs we captured, from natural to epic look, which we don't often get a chance.

Not only the nature was wonderful, the human element was so memorable. It was them and their friends, whose precious emotion and tears we witnessed. I really felt the love they have for each other, for their family and friends. This was one of the weddings where I don't feel the guests' present. I only felt one single united present - family. We had a great ending with their sparkler sendoff and we will see them again soon, on Brian's sister's wedding.

2nd photographer: Eric Tran

Ceremony: Church of the Good Shepherd

Reception: The Bridges Golf Club

Florist: A Loves in Bloom

Lights and DJ: Fantasy Sound Events Services

Cake: Susie Cakes

Makeup: Claudiavel Glickley

Hair: Robin Tsai


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