Why do I need 2nd photographer?

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You see that most of wedding photography packages have 2nd photographer as a default. Is it to increase the price? The fact is that it is not (or not always). A photography business uses two (over even three) photographers because of the invaluable benefits of a 2nd photographer. We hope to give you a basic understanding of the differences that a 2nd photographer can make. We also give you some notes and advice regarding this matter.

  • Shoot two places at the same time. You are most likely to get ready at the same time at different locations. Without a 2nd photographer, this task is impossible.

  • Different perspectives, angles. One in the front, one on the side. One far, one close-up.

  • Simultaneous reactions.

  • Another type of “backup”. Although a photographer has backup camera and flash, he/she rarely carries two identical lenses for backup. What if one lens fails? Luckily, the other photographer still has it. To be reassured, unlike cameras, lenses have really low possibility of failure.
  • Creativity. Safe shots are our top priority at all time. When I discover a possibility of a creative shot and need to try it, I ask the other photographer to step in and to be in charge of the safe shots.

(It would be too risky to take this wide shot if I didn't had my 2nd photographer cover me)


Note: Having a 2nd photographer doesn’t automatically double the amount of photos you receive. The increase is small. The photographers still have to select the photos carefully, make sure they compliment each other (instead of duplicated).


Our advice:

  • Most important: for the benefit of your photos, always ask for 2nd photographer if that option is available.
  • If adding a 2nd photographer increases the cost, check if the 2nd photographer adds real value, or if he/her is only an intern/practitioner who is used to increase the overall cost.
  • Even if the 2nd photographer is included in the packages, find out what that 2nd photographer can bring to the table.
  • If a photographer doesn’t have or doesn’t offer 2nd photographer, think twice before moving forward with that person.


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