What is your style?


Your wedding day will be likely to be divided into different parts that need different approaches:


- Getting ready, ceremony, reception: as photojournalism wedding photographers, we aim to truthfully capture your day without interruption as it happens. However, when you need our directions, we play an active role giving you some suggestions and as little directions as possible. This approach ensures the natural feel and reserves the essence of your wedding. During the day, sometimes you won't see where we are as we are capturing your wedding from a distance, sometimes you see us close to capture the most emotional moments.

- Portrait: we love the soft and airy look of film. We choose to pursue this look. We carefully select the type of film that is suitable for the given lighting condition and color of the location.

- Creative: at any given moment, we always pursue unique and creative perspective, we will go extra miles to get the unbelievable shots, even if it means to climb the tree, to stand on the other side of a hill, things that not everyone can give you.


We are not from San Francisco Bay Area, how can we meet you to discuss?

Many of our clients are not from San Francisco Bay Area or even California either. We are really thoughtful and quick with email and phone call. We can answer most of your questions in those ways. However, if you would love to see us like we do, we can schedule a Skype video call or FaceTime. You don't have to worry about the time difference. I once had a FaceTime meeting when our client just woke up and we are about to go to bed. It all worked out well.


Will you travel for engagement session?

Yes, we would love to meet you at your amazing destination of your choice. Please contact us for specific information.


Do you scout location prior to the wedding date?

We usually scout location before the wedding date if it is within 35 miles from our location. For destination wedding, we usually arrive a day before and use it to scout location with you. We encourage you to come with us as we can discuss your specific shots. In some circumstances when we cannot scout location prior to the day of, we always do online research about the venue, use our experience and skills to come up with a plan. Adapting to any location is one of our best abilities.


When we will see our photographs?

We will give you some "sneak peak" within a few days after your wedding. But as we heard that the best things in life come to those who wait, our commitment to you extend beyond your wedding day. We take great care for your photographs. It generally takes us 8 to 16 weeks to master them and prepare your online gallery.


How do we hire you?

It is easy. Just use the contact tab on top and send us a message about pricing, availability and products. We will arrange an opportunity for all of us to know each other and ensure we are a perfect match. Then we can sign the contract and pay the booking fee to reserve your date. For destination wedding, everything can be done online, after ten minutes, you can count on us for your wedding.