RAW files vs JPG files

Many clients ask me:

"Will you give us RAW files along with JPG files?"

First of all, I would like to explain what RAW file and JPG files are. A RAW file is a file that comes straight out from a camera, which does not have any editing applied at all. As an inevitable result, a RAW file is likely to look flat, dull, and soft. After an editing process, the photographer exports the modified RAW file as a JPG file. As a result, the JPG file looks colorful, sharp, and have high contrast. Thus, RAW file does not truly represent the photographer's skills and experiences. Those skills and experiences are only seen through final products, which are JPG files.

With it being said, I will not give out RAW files, except under special situations. What you receive when you purchase a package are the coverage, the editing process, and the final images.


"I know JPG files look better than RAW files. But I still want to see how they look like."

Metaphorically speaking, a RAW file is like a draft of a novelist and a JPG file is like a published version of the novel. A novelist doesn't release his draft before it is well edited and ready. No matter how the draft looks like, you love a novelist because of his excellent final works. So I have to keep RAW files closed and only show you my final works.


"My friend asks for RAW files so that he can edit them for me."

For better or worse, I can't trust anyone to edit the RAW files in a way that can accurately represent who I am as a photographer. The reason why you choose me as your photographer are my works that you see, which were selected and edited by me using my own skills and experiences. If I had allowed someone to edit and put it on my website, probably you would not choose me at all.