Your wedding day will be likely to be divided into different parts that need different suitable approaches:

- Getting ready, ceremony, reception: as photojournalism wedding photographers, we aim to truthfully record your day without interruption as it happens. However, when you really need our directions, we play an active role giving you some suggestion and as little directions as possible. This approach ensures the natural feel and reserves the essence of your wedding. During the day, some times you won't see where we are as we are capturing your wedding from a distance, some times you see us close to capture the most emotional moments.

- Portrait: we love the soft and airy look of film. We choose to pursue this look. We carefully select the type of film that is suitable for the given lighting and color of the location.

- Creative: at any given moment, we always pursue unique and creative perspective, we will go extra miles to get the unbelievable shots, even if it means to climb the tree, to stand on the other side of a hill. Things that not everyone can give you.